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Online Watercolour Lessons on Skillshare:

Are you interested in painting beautiful birds with watercolours? Join me for a two-day workshop at Art lovers (300 Wellington St, Collingwood) where you will learn to simplify the subject and let the paint do the work. Details in the Artable Link.

Kookaburra Nadine Dudek.jpg

Melbourne 2 Day Workshop

Flying puffin watercolour lesson

The above link will take you to the Skillshare platform where you can access classes. It will allow you to sign up for a free month long trial where you can take all 17 classes.

Online Watercolour Lessons:
Below are a series of watercolour lessons that can be purchased and watched at any time, as many times as you need.
On preview play click on the video info tab to see details on materials. 
After purchase open a new browser, log in and navigate to the full length videoAny problems please let me know.

Hummingbird Lesson

Hummingbird Lesson

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