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Skillshare Lessons:

The above link will take you to the Skillshare platform where you can access the class. It will allow you to sign up for a free month long trial where you can take all my classes.

Finished Painting.jpeg
Finished Painting 1st_edited.jpg
Finished Crowned Crane.jpg
Finished King Penguin.jpeg
Finsihed Painting_edited.jpg
Finished Painting.jpeg
Finished Painitng.jpeg

New Class

Finished Painting.jpeg

Pre-recorded Video Lessons:

30-50 min watercolour lesson $12.

On preview play click on the video info tab to see details on materials. 


After purchase open a new browser, log in and navigate to the full length video at any time.

Any problems please let me know,

classes on skillshare

Hummingbird Lesson

Hummingbird Lesson

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